CNE declared a green alert for possible strong waves from tomorrow

The National Emergency Commission (CNE) today declared a green alert for the entire Pacific coast based on information generated by the Center for Research in Ocean Sciences and Limnology (Cimar) predicting the arrival of waves or tides along our coasts starting tomorrow.

According to the report, a new mega-sized tropical cyclone occurred in the Pacific south of the continent caused a strong surge that has been moving northward and will hit the coasts of our country from Thursday morning until Sunday.

The surf-according to projections – will have highs of 22 to 20 seconds to return period of the wave, which identifies it as a very strong wave of breaks on the beaches, like those recently experienced major incidents. It was also reported that the waves have heights of over two meters, especially on Fridays and Saturdays.

The CNE recommended vigilance and take appropriate measures for the potential coastal impact can be generated, especially during high tides (morning and noon), in those places where there is already known as Pavones coastal erosion, Isla Damas, Palo Seco, Bejuco Beach, Hermosa Beach (next to Jaco), Playa Azul, Corralillo Tárcoles and Caldera.

Furthermore, it prevents bathers and small boats sailors in the outputs of rivers, estuaries and beaches. It is also recommended to anchor boats in deeper water than usual or sheltered bays.

The CNE reported that the warning is for the canton of Golfito, Osa, Aguirre, Parrita, Garabito, Esparza, Puntarenas, Nandayure, Hojancha, Nicoya, Santa Cruz, Carrillo, Liberia and La Cruz.