Clinica Biblica Operates on Woman in the Wrong Area

A woman will sue the Clinica Biblica and the doctor for mistakenly operating on her knee the doctor operated on her ankle. The woman now seeks a civil action for damages of ¢50 million.

Jackeline Fallas Ortega, who filed yesterday to the prosecution with her lawyer, Javier Vargas.

Jacqueline said that in October 2007, she had a car accident and as a result has had pains in her left knee.

By this accident the doctors in the National Insurance Institute had prepared the case and everything what she needs to be operated at Clinica Biblica.

Everything was ready, so she was happy with the insurance that would cover all expenses.

The day of surgery, she was numb, when she realized that doctors had a discussion because they did not find any injury to repair. So the doctors sent her to submit to a X-ray plates, and that’s when they realized that they had operated in the wrong area.

For that reason the girl’s father, who was under age at the time, filed the lawsuit which was confirmed by the medical examiner.

However, a prosecutor named Hernandez Gonzalez ruled that there was no harm or offense to be resolved, so yesterday they notified the woman and her lawyer they would request dismissal in favor of the clinic and doctor.

According to the prosecutor who says a crime was committed not because the knee surgery was successful but when they operated on the ankle in error. So now we will file a lawsuit to seek compensation.” said the lawyer, Javier Vargas.

Consulted on the matter, the representatives of the clinic argued that not having been formally notified, they will not refer to the case.

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