Chirripo Fire Causes Alarm

chirripo mountain

A fire reported Monday in the Chirripo National Park, has alerted the fire department, park rangers and brigades to the protected park area.

The incident occurred in San Pedro near the summit of Chirripo, and fear of the authorities is it will spread into the area of ​​cloud forest of oak trees in the area of ​​San Miguel.

The fire has been difficult to control due to strong gusts of wind that occur in various parts of the country, including the National Park, in addition, the steep slopes become very difficult to access the site.

Officials of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications (MINAE) were already in the area and stated that, for now, the fire is located in an area of ​​scrubland.

The morning of Tuesday the National Emergency Commission declared a green alert for the fire that has held since Monday in the Chirripo National Park, after which affected more than 100 acres in San Miguel.

The Commission declared the alert in order to support the work of fire fighters and send supplies to the equipment located in the area.

A total of five brigades and fire personnel carriers are in the area including volunteers and security forces made ​​rounds to secure the perimeter and to prevent people entering the danger zone.

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