Chinchilla is ready for a trip of 10 days in China and Korea

Five years after the President Oscar Arias, star the first visit by a Costa Rican leader to China, his successor, Laura Chinchilla, will visit the Great Palace of the People to propose an agenda for cooperation projects.

Chinchilla will go to the Far East on 11 August, according to preliminary plans that are managed between the Presidential Palace, Costa Rican Foreign Ministry, its Chinese counterpart and the embassy of the Asian giant installed here in Rohrmoser, San Jose.

Chinchilla visit her host, Hu Jintao, on 16 August in the seat of the government in Peking, the Chinese Embassy said yesterday. Also, provides visits to other cities, which include Shanghai.

Infrastructure projects like a new highway to Limón or investments in the rail system are some options Chinchilla theme folder that lead to China.

Foreign Trade Minister, Anabel Gonzalez, External Relations, Enrique Castillo, and Public Works and Transport, Luis Llach are the people who will accompany President Laura Chinchilla.

They also include security-related projects such as the new National Police Academy and the possibility of new patrols, said Communications Minister, Francisco Chacon.

Chinchilla cross the Pacific and will make an official visit to South Korea, a country with which there is cooperation in advanced talks to digital government system.

These are the predictions of topics in a close bilateral relationship after President Arias decided mid 2007 to establish diplomatic relations with China and break with Taiwan.

After that decision, China approved a financial cooperation project by purchasing bonds for $ 300 million, and the construction of National Stadium. Costa Rica also promotes the Asian giant to increase export markets in Asia.

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