Chinchilla Does Not Share Equal Tolerance to Dismissed Official Bolanos

President Laura Chinchilla did not have the same considerations to the ex Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Karina Bolaños that she gave to 11 other leaders of her government when they faced public questions.

The president dismissed Bolaños in a few hours after the newspaper “La Teja”, published last Monday, that a court imposed injunctions for alleged harassment from a systems engineer that he circulated an intimate video of the ex Deputy Minister.

In the other 11 cases for a total of 14. The officers continued in their jobs, they gave explanations, or they themselves submitted their resignation instead of having to defend or wait time results of an investigation.

This is the third exit Chinchilla ordered so far of her 27 months of administration, a period that has suffered a low score on within the public eye.

The other two fired that were ordered by the president to do so were related to alleged irregularities in the construction of the border trail 1856. In the case of Minister Francisco Jimenez he was dismissed the same day that a report on alleged corruption was filed.

Of the 14 cases analyzed, seven were the officials who resigned and some did after Chinchilla gave them time to give explanations or to advance the research of others.

These cases are; Oscar Nunez, president of AyA, Fernando Herrero, former Minister of Finance and Florisabel Rodriguez, presidential adviser.

For example, when Nunez resigned for a trip to Mexico with a subordinate, Chinchilla said: “We were going to wait for the results (of the investigation of the Office of Ethics) to have more guarantees of impartiality.”

Francisco Chacon, Minister of Communication, said yesterday that the government has already given explanations about the departure of Bolaños and want to close the chapter.

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