China offers to build a National Police Academy in Pococí

China will donate facilities and build a new National Police Academy which will be located in The Pococí Rita, Limón.

This is established during a cooperation agreement signed in Beijing last Wednesday during a visit by the president Laura Chinchilla to China.

The project will cost between $ 20 million and $ 25 million. It will be built mostly with Chinese labor and delivered to Costa Rica once it is fully ready, it was agreed.

“This project, the construction will be managed by a Chinese company and workers. It will be on the same terms and conditions as the National Stadium was built, “said Mario Zamora, security minister who accompanied the president on the trip which lasted for 12 days in China and South Korea.

The installations of the future police training center will be developed in a land of 80 hectares where they intended to build a maximum security prison.

The land belonged to the Ministry of Justice and the previous week were moved to safety through a donation.

Zamora said the school will have the capacity to accommodate 1,000 people, including students, teachers and administrative staff.

They seek a type of construction similar to that of the School of Agriculture of the Humid Tropical Region (EARTH), and Chinese engineers visited the school. She added that the idea is to find a friendly design environment that does not require air conditioning.

The complex will have all kinds of services: rooms, study rooms, auditoriums serve as future police officers to do their internship, which consists of six months of academic training and four months of practice.

The center equipment will be achieved by another donation of 13 million euros made by the European Economic Community.

For her part, President Chinchilla said that this is a project with great symbolism, because she began her career in the public betting on the professionalization of the police and would like to close by giving an academy forces as they deserve. She said that construction would begin before the end of this year.

In 2007 when the Arias administration broke with Taiwan and established relations with China, that nation established an agreement on security cooperation.

As part of this, Zamora said, was donated 200 patrols and this administration surrendered another 150. He said that the donation of the police academy is an extension of that agreement.

The Minister said that the process of professionalization of the police involves adequate infrastructure to support a process of training and education in addition to academic and doctrinaire.

He added that in this field the National University to teach supports a specific career.