Children’s Hospital Reduces Mortality Rate in Cardiac Surgery by 50%

The National Children’s Hospital presented this week reporting functions of the department of cardiology, showing an 8% reduction in mortality in cardiac surgery.

In 2010 the percentage was 16.6%, so the Office of the Ombudsman requested the implementation of improvements in the medical center.

In the country there are about 7 children per week diagnosed with congenital heart disease who need surgery.

The advocate, Ofelia Taitelbaum, said that the institution will monitor the implementation of continuous improvements within the surgical department.

The first analysis of the ombudsman concluded that high levels of mortality rateare due to the country where abortion is prohibited and subjected to surgery all patients, including those that have little chance of survive.

Currently the Medical Center operates a waiting list of 80 children with congenital heart disease and most are patients with down syndrome.

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