Chichilla Boasts About Increased Security Performances

president chinchilla

Almost two years of running the country, President Laura Chinchilla begins to outline security as the main achievement of her government.

This era, which she defined as “harvest time”, is work that began in 2010 will be reinvigorated to give off some statistics about the fight against insecurity.

The Executive is supported with data from INEC, for example in the victimization rate, which fell 28% in 2008 to 20.2% in 2010.

Presidential House seeks to echo her statement, “we build a safer country, and she argues that more resources are allocated to institutions that serve security.”

Meanwhile, Chinchilla stated that she prefers not to declare victory because there are still many months ahead.

However, the president says it is the area which she has spent more time during her tenure and her team described as “one of the more good we have done during the administration”

The Security Ministry highlighted now, as one of the most unstable in their nominations and has variations in its chief and deputy from 2010 to date.

Jose Maria Tijerina resigned and in his place came Mario Zamora.

Jorge Chavarria left the deputy minister position to become the Attorney General, while Flora Maria Calvo who was allegedly involved in sexual harassment of female officers, also stepped down as deputy minister.

For example, we have invested 123 457 million colones in purchasing equipment and operating costs, which highlighted the purchase of bulletproof vests for law enforcement agencies.

Statistics OIJ, decreased from 3189 to 2988 vehicle thefts between 2010 and 2011, while rape, saw a reduction of 52 events from the same period last year from 405 to 353 cases.

So far this year, the president has delivered law enforcement, necessary equipment to areas like Puntarenas, San Jose and on the northern border with Nicaragua.

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