Changes to Traffic Laws and Fines

traffic fines

The reform of the traffic law is ready to be adopted in the first debate next week.

The proposal significantly lowers fines and changes the points system.

After 10 months of discussion in the Legislative Assembly, the reform of the transit may become law next week in law of the Republic.

Project legislative happened yesterday to plenary for a vote in the first debate.

For example, the penalty for driving drunk for example went from 280, 000 to 411,060 colones.
Traveling without a seat belt goes from 308,295 down to 94,000 colones.

Driving at excessive speed goes from 411,060 to 280,000 colones.

And if you do not carry the documents of the vehicle goes from 46,800 to 20,000 colones.

With the reduction in fines the government can revive the speed control by means of cameras.

The reform will also state that people with 0.50 to 0.75 grams of alcohol will only receive a fine and lose 6 points on their license.

But anyone who is caught driving with 0.76 grams, it will be treated as criminal conduct.

They also implemented a change to the points system.

Banning the import of vehicles with right hand drive. And they will authorize the circulation of the 300 such vehicles already registered in the country.

After approving the amendment to the law, they will have a six month wait before it’s in place.

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