Cell Phone Blocking in Prisons Impossible Without Funding

Blocking cell phones is a priority in prisons but, according to the justice officials there is no money. In July last year it was announced that locking devices be installed to block cellular signals in prisons. Security officials of the INS and ICE try to determine what would work and when equipment could be installed

Eight months after this announcement, the deputy justice minister, Fernando Ferraro says it already has identified what system would work within La Reforma prison, however there is no budget to buy the devices.

On Wednesday, OIJ agents conducted an operation in the criminal’s center of Guápiles Leticia, where they seized four phones and documentation allegedly linked to a number of prisoners with at least five scams conducted from prison through the use of mobile cellular.

Research related to this case began late last year when contact information was obtained which made the prisoners fraudulently pretend to be different people and bought items that were sold online, but in the end they did not pay.

According to Fernando Ferraro, the operation was performed this morning at the request of judicial authorities and was not a regular requisition Prison Police

The confiscation of cellphones is constant in each of the searches carried out in various jails of our country. Most cases are used for criminal scams from the center, this, according to Ferraro clearly shows that the cell block is not only necessary but urgent
Until now, five cases related to these events in the area of ​​Guápiles

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