CCSS Will Save ¢8,000 Million in Disability Payments


This saving is due to the Social Security Fund (CCSS) has awarded 1.2 million workers disability days less than in 2010.

Leave days were reduced by 16%, from 7 to 5.8 million in the last year.

In the case of costs, this meant the disbursement of ¢ 55,000 million in payment for illness in 2010 against ¢ 47,000 million in 2011.

The reduction in number of disabilities of public and private employees came after that the Caja hosted a criterion of the Attorney General’s Office, under which can not include payment for such allowance in the calculation of severance pay, benefits and bonuses.

An example of this is that, after 14 days of disability, employees of the Ministry of Education require the approval of a fee assessed, and not just a doctor’s signature.

To Ileana Balmaceda, chief executive of the CCSS, the decline in disability is the result of changes in the regulation and its constant monitoring.

The measures were taken, he explained, so to prevent these permits are used for outside activities and have no relation to health problems.

The chief said that, the CCSS aims to continue the downward trend and that the goal for this year is to reduce spending in ¢ 4,000 million.

Union leaders give another explanation for the reduction in for sick leave.

The coordinator of the Central Commission for Disabilities Evaluation, Rodrigo Bartels, said that more reforms are to further improve the regulations.

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