CCSS Spend 148 Million Colones in Fight Against Cervical Cancer.

Social Security (CAJA) spent 148 million colones in the fight against cervical cancer. CCSS bought 18 colposcopes and 8 cryosurgery instruments used in the detection of congenital diseases of the sexual organs of women.

Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers in our country, the incidence in women is 26% and the mortality rate is 5.29%. Data reported in the cantons of San Jose center, LaCruz in Guanacaste and coastal areas are representing the highest number of incidences.

Leana Balmaceda, executive President of the Fund, says that the investment was made with funds from the Cancer Institute and the distribution will take place at 12 medical centers.

As the Calderon Guardia Hospital, Tony Facio hospital, Max Teran, Mexico hospital are areas of health that will be strengthened with these medical devices.

Rafael Mora, Medical Hospital of Cartago, says that this cancer is curable if detected and treated early. So for that, their efforts will focus on educating the population to carry out regular examinations.

This cancer is highly associated with human papilloma virus and is the third most common cancer among policies, was fourth in mortality rate in 2010, behind the breast with a mortality rate of 15%, stomach 13% and colon 7%

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