CCSS Saved Money With Resonance Examinations Outsourcing

Investing in equipment and personnel saves money for the CCSS (Costa Rican Social Security). This was demonstrated by the operation of the Magnetic Resonance Center, which reduced spending by only giving these tests to private hospitals.

One year after its inauguration this center reported the attention of 4,600 patients around the country, with a saving of at least ¢ 230 million in private contracts.

The data correspond to payments made by the Calderon Guardia Hospital, Max Peralta (Cartago), Escalante Pradilla (Perez Zeledon) and National Children.

Since April 2011, the Fund reduced the purchase of these tests because it has two teams of MRI in the Calderon Guardia Hospital.

Before opening, all of these tests should be done in privatethe absence of such technology in the Social Security Fund (CCSS).

“Following the results, the Board of Directors decided to approve 17 seats in direct care to open a new turn of attention,” said Ileana Balmaceda yesterday, chief executive of the Fund.

On the seats, Balmaceda said it will open a second turn of attention. “This will raise the number of tests from 4,600 to about 8,000 per year,” said the official.

The chief said the second turn will operate from August. He also said that from December more studies will not pay to private schools.

The authorities say that in a few years the Fund will recover the investment of $6.6 million on the purchase of two magnetic resonance equipment and building of the center.

These machines use magnets and radio waves to create pictures powerful body(does not use X-rays), which analyzes the specialists.

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