CCSS President Convicted Of Creating Fictitious Documents


The Criminal Court yesterday sentenced the president of the Social Security Fund (CCSS), Eliseo Vargas, to four years in prison for five crimes of embezzlement – a product of a fictitious contract.

At the same time they prohibited him for four years to hold public office and released him from preventive detention that the prosecution had requested.

The judges Mercedes Muñoz, Susan Wittmann and Francini Quesada also sentenced the microbiologist Rene Soto Pacheco, who served as adviser to the Executive President of the CCSS.

He was sentenced to three years in prison but they gave him the benefit of execution of sentence.

The Tribunal found evidence that Vargas took advantage of his position (2002-2004) to hire Soto as his adviser in a position of trust, even though they both knew that Soto would not work.

The judge Quesada Vargas told: “You had the power and authority to decide and choose who could fill that place, which was unchallenged for Human Resources (who turned the personnel action). The problem is not with the selection. The problem was that he contracted to a person who knew that he will not do any work. Only give advice to the Chief Executive about his duties. ”

The lawyers announced they would appeal the condemned the sentence, because they did not share the opinion of the Court.

Those convicted must pay, in whole, ¢ 29 million to the CCSS for material damages. This is the third conviction against Vargas.

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