Catholic Church Disputes Liquor Law

The highest body of the Catholic Church in our country held a regular meeting last week.

The bishops are going to fight against  the Legislative Assembly. They say, “we have been forced a series of ” Bills “.

These bills do not respond to the real needs of our people.

They have no respect for the dignity of human beings, the nature of the family and the values of Costa Rican society.

The church says, that the last project, the Assembly had not set objectives for the number of licenses to sell liquor. It had a lot of flexibility to expand the schedule of places where liquor is sold and reduced the distance between the bars and schools and churches

Mauricio Granados said the priests are concerned about the Political manipulation involved in the distribution of licenses by Local Governments.

This new law converts the permissions on licenses. There are short distances between bars and schools and churches from 400 to 200 meters. Consuming liquor in public places will get you fined.

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