Casey Anthony – Accused Of Killing Her 2YR Old Daughter Anxious To Move To Costa Rica

casey anthony costa rica

Is it any surprise that guilty acquitted (as Perez Hilton put it) child murdered, Casey Anthony, is packing her bags for Costa Rica?

Not so surprising for this guy that’s for sure.

I have often said that Costa Rica is all but missing the fullsize billboard in SJO (Juan Santamaria Airport) saying…”Welcome To Costa Rica Criminals – You Are Safe Here”.

This might sound a bit over the top but I truly mean it…criminals here run the ship. The laws are laxed and anyone seeking refuge from their criminal pasts back home…can live in peace under the tropical sun of Costa Rica without much concern or worry.

Rag-blogger, Perez Hilton calls Casey Anthony the most hated woman in recent American memory. Why?

Casey Anthony was accused of killing her 2 year old daughter. She successfully defended herself to an acquittal by claiming an imaginary babysitter must have kidnapped and killed her daughter despite the fact that although her daughter had been missing for a month…she’d not told anyone including her mother and in fact carried on about her life like nothing was wrong. Not to mention the human decompositioncasey anthony costa rica evidence found in the car she was driving before her daughter Caylee’s remains were found.

Who does this? A killer maybe? (Read the description at trial of what happened) And this article also. CLICK HERE

How about the case of Trina Atwell, (CNN story here)who kidnapped her daughter from her husband in Maryland, USA and fled to Costa Rica where…and get this…the courts are protecting her despite numerous American courts ruling in favor of the father and charging her of abducting her daughter (a felony offense). But yet Costa Rica says…naaa…no problems here. You are safe!

Atwell currently has an international child kidnapping warrant for her arrest for which Costa Rica deems…NOT IMPORTANT. In fact, according to CNN, despite both the US and Costa Rica being members of the Hague Convention (the international treaty to handle child abduction cases), Costa Rica has NEVER returned a single child – baby Emily would be the first.

But this case has gone on for years and Costa Rica has all but said they have no intentions of returning Emily to your father despite what the US courts rule.

These cases are not unique. They are common – when someone faces legal issues in their own countries they come to Costa Rica given it’s severely handicapped legal system and its the kind of place where they can live anonymously or as any number of aliases. It’s quite true in fact that people can be whomever and whatever they want here in Costa Rica.

Who’s going to dispute it?

Around Dominical there is a former used car salesman who becomes whatever he wants including, a civil engineer with waterworks in LA, professional motorcycle racer, ex LAPD, ex CIA, ex military and now…now he claims to be former Secret Service. What’s next…astronaut?

My question is — why does Costa Rica even permit these obvious criminals in to the country? Even Mexico is more strict on this considering the case of Bruno Saligari, a Canadian man wanted in Costa Rica on several counts of felony fraud — he was detained and refused entry in to Mexico yet  why does Costa Rica, the happiest place on Earth, permit these types to enter the country and even seek the protection of the CR courts? Another mystery in a long list of them…

For this reason many people are so guarded here because you just never know who you are dealing with – it could even be a murderer apparently.

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