Cases Of HIV Amongst Young People In Costa Rica On The Rise

This was announced by the Integral Attention Clinic  for HIV patients at the Hospital San Juan de Dios which has 1188 active patients.

According to data provided by health authorities in Costa Rica, in 2011 increased HIV cases rose from 132 in 2010 to 170.

128 are men and 42 women, of whom 23 patients have died.

The main concern is that the victims are between 25 and 34 years old, this means that the patient was infected in adolescence, because the disease takes 10 years to develop.

According to Dr. Carmen Vargas, coordinator of the clinic, the earlier the diagnosis, the greater chance of salvaging a quality life for the patient. The HIV test is free, confidential, painless and is performed in all medical centers in the country.

Costa Rica maintains high levels of stigma and discrimination against people with HIV, which usually happens due to ignorance of the virus and its modes of transmission, this is some of the biggest obstacles to halt and reverse the epidemic virus.

Due to this problem, the authorities plan an activity, which under the name of “Health Promotion and Dignity Together”. They will do a vigil called “Memorial of Light”, an activity to commemorate people who have died of AIDS, support those living with HIV and demonstrate the importance of this activity to civil society to play a role central to the treatment, prevention, care and support to the disease.

“Costa Rica offers the space of honor and solidarity each year for family and friends of people who have died of AIDS,” said Rosibel Zuniga, representative of people with HIV and AIDS.

The activity will be done this May 26 in the courtyard of the Catholic Church and the Canton of Abandoned Amphitheater from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm. In addition there will be a “Caravan of Prevention,” which will begin on the south side of the cemetery and will culminate in the Park Homeless. Going to have cultural events and information stands at the Amphitheatre at the end of the day awake.

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