Cancer Exams Suffer Backlog

On the International Day of Women, the National Union of Employees of the Fund (UNDECA) filed a complaint against the National Center of Cytology.

They say there is a barrage of more than 200 000 tests to detect the presence of cervical cancer which are awaiting diagnosis.

They claim that this is nothing new and that takes five years or more unresolved,putting at risk the health of many women.

The director of the National Center, Rodrigo Alvarez, admitted the situation but claims that it is a lack of surplus personal.

Indicates that a day between 1200 and 4000 are evidence of virtually all medical centers, and rather than have staff able to diagnose about 1200 per day.

UNDECA also claimed that these tests are embodegadas in plastic bags and thrown on the ground where they become contaminated with fungi, thus preventing an analysis is made and you have to discard them without knowing their suffering patients.

The agency says it has enlisted the assistance of the authorities and still not answered.

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