Calderon Guardia Hospital opened an investigation in to extracted medical supplies and equipment

Calderon Guardia Hospital interrupted their operating rooms to demand clarification on the alleged departure of surgical instruments to a private medical center.

The measure forms part of a “thorough investigation” of the case, said the center’s director, Dr. Luis Paulino Hernández.

This process will be conducted by a special committee composed of specialists Maria Eugenia Montero, Dominic Gamboa, Ana Ruth Sanchez Venegas Fibier Olmos.

The results should be ready in a maximum of three months.

According to Hernandez, the intervention of the operating rooms and the arsenal “will not affect, at all, the surgery patients because the surgical program will continue as normal.”

What we are looking for, said the doctor, is prove or disprove all the facts surrounding the peculation complaint, lodged with the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) and the Legal Department of the Social Security Fund (CCSS), by a nurse.

A nurse reported that the lack of instruments in the operating room, which would have been taken out of the classroom for use in a private hospital, was complicated surgery for a bullet wound.

The incident occurred on the night of August 10, when the nurse, Denia Vargas Arias had no access to the “basket of abdomen” to stop bleeding in an artery near the patient’s groin.

The nurse reported that on that day, while she was working, was presented with the urgency shot, about 7 p. m.

She told, she requested two baskets, a chest and a belly. I got one, but the other was not available.

SHe immediately made her own investigation to determine what happened and that’s when she found out orders of equipment, supposedly, to the Clinica Católica in San José.

The authorizations signed by a doctor, the chief operating room and a nurse she said.

The head of the Catholic, Victor Perez, reported that the medical center “has never applied to the Social Security Fund loan of any medical equipment.”

However, he acknowledged that, “in some opportunities, doctors who use our infrastructure bring medical equipment specific to the care of their patients, and according to their specialties.”

In these cases, “The Catholic Hospital has no interference on the use of that equipment,” added the doctor.

For his part, the director of the Calderon Guardia said, according to the results of the investigation will proceed according to the regulations of the CCSS and the laws of the country.

This research joins other making the case in other hospitals, such as Mexico and the Max Peralta Hospital, Cartago.