Both Smokers And Non-Smokers Support New Law

costa rica smoking

At noon yesterday, in the bars of San Pedro de Montes de Oca lunch was always accompanied by beer. However now that smoking is no longer welcome at the table of these places, things have changed.

Thus, the country celebrates the first World Non-Smoking Day  following the adoption of the smoking ban.

Daniel Cespedes and Leonardo Carvajal enjoyed lunch with a beer at the bar Caccio’s. None of them smoke, and that they feel better since the law is in effect.

“I smoked for a long time and I quit two years ago. It’s great that there is an antismoking law. It was very uncomfortable to feel the smoke, or get home and have all your clothes smelling of tobacco.” Cespedes said.

A few meters away in the bar Terra U, Jessica Montero said the new legislation does affect her because she is a smoker, but she recognized that since it came into force she smokes less.

“Now I just smoke a cigarette before going out or when I get home. This new law is helping me to smoke less, because I’ve tried several times without success.” she said.

In other parts of country, both smokers and nonsmokers are satisfied with the law.

“I am a smoker, but I think this new law is fine. If someone wants to smoke they only have to come out and smoke a cigarette in the street. Even bothers me now when someone is smoking close to me.” said Jimmy Ureña, a client of The Crestones bar in San Isidro de Perez Zeledon.

Meanwhile, Elberth Gutierrez, a non-smoker of Santa Cruz de Guanacaste, says the same.

“The law is important because it releases public spaces should respect the people who do not smoke.”

On the other side. Owners of bars and restaurants see their clients are complying with the law. They agree even though its sales are lower.
“Retailers are the most affected, because sales have down and it had to strengthen security, to see that people do not smoke,” said Rodrigo Fumero, the owner of Terra U bar in San Pedro de Montes de Oca.

“Before, we had the restaurant divided into two areas, but since the law took effect, people go out to smoke outside, thank God, customers have taken a positive way,” said Wilbert Serrano, manager of Casa Fonda, santa Cruz.

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