‘Blue Blood’ of 14,000 police will help to save thousands of lives

A group of 30 officers of the security forces accompanied by the Minister of Security Mario Zamora, were the first to contribute by increasing reserves the Blood Bank of the Social Security Fund (CCSS).

This is a program which will include the 14,000 policemen of the security forces called “blue blood,” referring to the color of the uniform of the officers.

The blood donation project will extend for several months and aims to cover 12 regions of the security forces.

Blood donation is voluntary and each month will be held in a different region.

Each officer removed yesterday about 450 grams of blood, equivalent to 7% of the fluid having each person.

The activity began yesterday as part of the celebration of the 64th anniversary of the abolition of the army in Costa Rica, held at the National Police Academy, located in San Jose.

Juan José Andrade, director of the security forces, said the officers not only save lives on the streets fighting crime, also in hospitals with their own blood.

“It is not enough just to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, we also offer the blood of our officers to save the lives of those in need,” he said.

Edna Melendez, director of the Blood Bank, said he is very satisfied with the program and urged other institutions to follow the example of the police and help save lives.