Big Corps Avoiding Paying Taxes

The ones that pay the least in taxes believe it or not are more than 100 large companies that earn income to 40 billion colones a year and declare zero taxes to the treasury.

In the list of large contributors evaders they are from supermarket groups, chain restaurants to fast food.

According to the Ministry of Finance, a total of 463 large contributors avoid paying billions of colones which should be taxed by income tax.

The large contributors are the companies that recorded revenues of up to ¢40 billion per year. In the list of tax evaders is a supermarket chain who rent commercial office centers, hardware stores and food centers.

For example, a leading supermarket chain receives daily income of ¢400 million, so they should pay ¢20 million in income tax, but yet only pay ¢26,575.

“It’s something we have to call attention to all that a large or small contributor to lie on your tax return, that is what we need to generate conscience,” saidFrancisco Villalobos, Director of Taxation.

The large corporations who manage to play with numbers and avoid paying billions of colones are liars who never pay anything.

A chain of clothing stores in 2010 had revenues of nearly ¢11 billion, which would be enough to build a total of 1957 social housing units.

However, this company paid zero taxes and failing to pay the state about ¢600 million.

“When almost all declare wrong when you have a 24% stating at zero and 78% saying less than 500 million, all with incomes of more than 400 million because here it is true that the thing is wrong.” said Villalobos.

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