Benefits of the new Norton 360 Internet Protection

By choosing to use Symantec Norton 360 2013, you will be able to monitor your child’s Internet usage. The Norton 360 allows you to quickly connect to Norton Online Family. The Online Family tool will provide you with the ability to access each web page that your child has visited. If your child has been accessing web sites that are inappropriate to their age group, you will be able to spot them immediately through this tool. Any sites which you find to be inappropriate to your child’s age group can be blocked using the Online Family tool.

Additionally, your children may encounter predators and bullies through their online activities. Cyber bullying from their classmates or other malicious interpersonal interactions can occur as teenagers enjoy unauthorized and unmonitored use of social networking sites. By connecting to Norton’s Online Family tool through the Norton 360 product, you can be aware of your child’s harmful interaction with others and you are able to put a stop to the interactions immediately through carefully monitoring their social networking interactions.

While you want to keep your children safe from the online dangers that they can encounter, you’ll also want to keep your computer safe from the damage that your children can inflict. Norton 360 can help you do this with their Norton Safe Web and Norton Safe Web for Facebook features. These features proactively search for damaging and malicious links and websites that your children may encounter on the social networking sites they visit.