Belen’s City Hall Gives Permission To Re-Open The Events Center Pedregal

belen pedregal expomovil

Belen’s city hall authorized the re-opening of the Events Center Pedregal, after the city hall and the company reached an agreement in front of the Tribunal Ambiental Administrativo, for a complaint regarding the construction of a bridge in an environmental reserve zone.

José Luis Vargas, vice-president of the tribunal, confirmed the determination and that now the local government is in charge of approving the Expomóvil. “The company will make a compensation for the damages caused for over 68 million colones, and it has to remove the bridge constructed, so is an asphalted zone and then plant some trees in the damaged area” He said.

According to Belen’s City Hall the Association of Vehicle and Machinery Import (Aivema), organizers of the Expomóvil, asked yesterday for the permissions to re-open the activity. The organizers of the fair asked for a press conference at 3:00pm to address the issue.

Some of the participants from the bank sector already confirmed that the fair activity will start this Friday 15th and will extend until next march 20th. “BAC San José will be present in the main agencies of vehicles to serve our clients”, Said Gerardo Corrales, Main Manager of the entity.

Guillermo Quesada, sub-general-manager of Banco de Costa Rica (BCR), confirmed that they are ready to participate in the activity, from this very Friday, if Aivema decides to re-open the activity.

The re-activation of Expomóvil matches the ultimatum that the participants gave the organizers of the event to make a decision, otherwise they’ll take down all their exhibitions.

Belen’s City hall closed the Centro de Eventos Pedregal, the past February 21st, because the company didn’t have the permissions required to build the two halls at the Fair zone.

“Once finished the paper-works at the Tribunal Ambiental Administrativo, and once notified to us, we have no jurisdictional obstacle to file the permission and approve it, if they meet all the technical and legal requirements, then there would be no other reason why not to open the fair zone”, explained Horacio Alvarado Bogantes, mayor of Belén, at a press release.