Become a Desktop Infrastructure Expert with a Microsoft Solutions Certification

Have you recently obtained the MCSA certification and are now looking for more ways to benefit from your IT experience? Microsoft’s solution expert certification track can be just the thing you’re looking for, in order to fulfill your career desires and gain more knowledge past the standard solution design, implementation, and administration concepts. In support of the Windows Server 2012, an upgrade from the 2008 server that features new functions and features, IT professionals can advance and specialize their level of expertise with any one of Microsoft’s exclusive expert-level solution exams.

One of the four fields that professionals can choose to specialize in is Desktop Infrastructure. Microsoft offers an expert certification specifically for the desktop infrastructure aspect of the Windows Server 2012. The certification track consists of two exams, 70-415 and 70-416, that deal with the implementation of desktop infrastructure and desktop application environments. Knowledge of such things as desktop deployment, desktop image creation, settings configuration, and remote desktop service implementation is necessary, while candidates should be able to design, implement and maintain application and virtualization environments.

Because the 2012 Server is new to most professionals, some experience working with it (and working especially with the desktop infrastructure) is recommended but not required. It is highly suggested, regardless, that all participants make use of the valuable resources that Microsoft and alternate providers (click here for example) have to offer, including classes, textbooks, practice exams, study guides, and documentation. Serious review and study of the material can increase your knowledge, define your skills, and successfully prepare you for both exams. Once you have earned an MCSA certification, don’t waste time in becoming an expert. Check out the options that Microsoft has available, and see if the Desktop Infrastructure field is right for you.