Beachfront Homes For Less Than The Price Of A New Car?

costa rica beachfront homes for sale

You might be thinking that this was a typo…you’d be wrong.

With Europe and US in financial meltdown, people have become increasingly frugal with their hard-earned cash. And rightfully so.

Foreclosures are rampant throughout the US while many hardworking Americans are doing what they can to hang on to what’s left.

One blue collar American decided to make a difference…

costa rica beachfront homes for saleRandy Berg, originally from small town Minnesota, moved to Costa Rica over 10 years ago to start a better life for himself. Randy’s not alone – in fact – over 100,000 ex-patriots call this small Latin American country home.

It is said that Costa Rica boasts the highest population of expats per capita than any other nation in the Latin America.

That’s all great and all but what makes Randy Berg so unique is the fact that, in an effort to live his dream of retiring in Costa Rica, Randy discovered a gap in the real estate market that no one else dared explore.

He began to build Costa Rica homes for sale for under $45,000. And not just a lean-to either, these were brand new concrete construction homes.

After practicing what they now preach, Rhonda and Randy Berg built their own home in Grecia at the incredible price of less than $40,000. Of course that was 10 years ago now but you might be surprised to know that things have not changed that much since.

With a vast array of Costa Rica properties being offered you’d be hard-pressed to find anything under $150,000 – and the closer you are to the beach the more expensive it gets – starting around $350,000 – $400,000 with close vicinity to the beach.

Currently Randy Berg is developing Costa Rica’s only “affordable beachfront community” at none other than Playa Hermosa near Jaco.

How close the beach is it? How’s 35m away sound to you?

The best part isn’t the captivating sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, or even the quaint Mediterranean style villas…it’s the price.

Priced at less than $55k for a beachfront home (lot extra) on one of Costa Rica most famous beaches. (click here to see it for yourself)

Then again there are those who prefer the cooler climate of the mountains or Central Valley over the searing heat of beach life in Costa Rica.

Ventanas San Mateo is located perched above the Pacific only 30 minutes to Jaco on the beach and 40 minutes from the capital, San Jose. Again, the story is the same here – Randy Berg continues to build quality homes at prices that don’t have you cringing at the thought. No buyers remorse here!

…the above video shows the first home built on Ventanas San Mateo and from this video you will be able to see the quality of construction, breathtaking views and lush atmosphere available at Randy’s projects.

You might be wondering…”why so personal? why speak of Randy like he’s just a regular guy?”

He is…

Unlike the Costa Rica real estate agents that work for commissions rather than you – Randy knows what it feels like to be looked at as a ‘money tree’ – and he wants to rightfully distance himself from the common agent looking to make a buck.

For more information on who Randy Berg is, visit the web site here…Meet The Bergs!

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