Barva Neighbors Unite to Help 70 Fire Victims

A devastating fire left 70 people homeless in Barva de Heredia, but now living forces of the community come together to help the victims.

A group of young people and other residents of the area have contributed to the cleanup and removal of debris.

The event was around 7:00 pm on Saturday and the Fire Department confirmed that the fire started with a short circuit, spreading rapidly due to strong gusts of wind.

One of the affected identified as Patricia Segura said they need help for her two children to attend classes.

Most affected were unable to remove their belongings, by heavy bursts of electrical appliances and gas cylinders.

This Sunday, the victims were returned to their homes to start over.

68 people affected were recorded of which 21 are children.

Firefighters had to battle with the lack of water because the nearest hydrant was bad.

Also on the site was a rooming house and the electrical system was overloaded.

Now the victims are housed throughout 5 soccer fields awaiting help.

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