Bailey Bridges Save The Day In Costa Rica

In a poor or developing country, Bailey bridges solve traffic movement problems while remaining affordable to the country.

This is when the government takes out the calculator because, a 55-meter steel bridge bailey type costs ¢ 200 million. These bridges were invented by an English designer David Bailey.

Meanwhile, a concrete bridge with the same size could cost up to ¢ 1,000 million, as estimated Jose Luis Salas, new director of the National Roads Authority (Conavi).

Laurito José Chacón, vice minister of infrastructure of the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT), recognizes that the country has problems in road investment and no money to change the baileys installed.

According to the plan road transport, for Costa Rica to overcome the delay in infrastructureshould make sustained investments of $ 2,000 million annually for 25 years.

However, the budgets of the MOPT and the National Roads Authority (Conavi) not even reach $ 500 million per year, Chacon claimed.

The metal bridge between Leo XIII and the Uruca was installed May 21, 2008 and is still there. The passage of the national route 106, between Aurora and Barreal de Heredia, and has four years of circulation and the municipality complains about the lack of maintenance.

And the structure between St. Thomas and El Socorro, Santo Domingo has 3 years.

however A bailey bridge with proper maintenance have a useful life of 30 years, said Chacon.

the residents of San Nicolás de Cartago have a metal bridge and has already surpassed all expectations.

That bridge was installed in 1964, following the eruptions of the Irazu volcano. 48 years later and is part of the landscape and the MOPT does not provide replacement.

According to a preliminary estimate, because the Conavi not have accurate data, the country has 80 bridges bailey, running.

The substitution does not depend on the years they have installed, the reasons are: the place where they are located, the urgency, if an urban or suburban, or is a high traffic area.

The Conavi is going to build a concrete bridge between Cinco Esquinas and Tibás, where two metal structures do not yet meet the two years. This area suffers high congestion, said the deputy minister.

In Conavi projections, is expected to change _ 13 bridges bailys in the north this year and another 15 in 2013.

71 years after its design, in full World War, Bailey found a land to stay, Costa Rica.

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