Bad Weather Hinders Air Support For Chirripo Fire

So far in 2012 a total of 37 forest fires and more than 3500 brush fires, have affected Costa Rican territory by consuming about 1331 acres. Friday thru Sunday had only ten new fires reported.

Among the areas affected are: Chirripo with 150 hectares, Bagaces 2 hectares, SantaCruz with 100, ten in Carrillo, three in Jaco, ten in Barranca and another ten in Orotina and Esparza with 20, 35 and Garabito Puntarenas 20 are of the last areas affected by forest type fires.

In the case of the vast loss suffered in the Chirripo National Park, the authorities maintain work in the area.

The president of the National Emergency Commission, Vanessa Rosales said that the fire is in a recently acquired zone. This means it is a property which was subsequently incorporated into the park and represent about 150 hectares whose perimeter is secured.

In addition, it maintains a containment ring and emphasize some points for the settlement of the fire by using water pumps and the work of over flights.

Wind and clouds prevented aircraft jobs over the past day.

Rebeca Madrigal as confirmed by the CNE, says weather conditions do not allow the aircraft provided by the Guatemalan Air Force to preform work for fire fighting.

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