Bacteria In Nicaragua Threaten Potatoes and Tomatoes of Costa Rica

The detection of a pest in Nicaragua known as the “Zebra Chip” alerted the State Phytosanitary Service of Costa Rica (SFE).

This bacterium mainly affects potatoes and tomatoes. The disease was also found in regions of Canada, Mexico, United States, New Zealand, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua recently.

This disease damages the leaves, hardens the tuber starches converted into sugar and potatoes to kills the plant.

The proximity of the plague forced the Costa Rican authorities to suspend the importation of potatoes for fresh consumption or industry, countries with the presence of bacteria.

The deputy director of SFE, Carlos Padilla, said that besides taking other safety measures.

The name “zebra chip” derived from the symptom pattern of light and dark stripes in the tuber, which are more evident after the potatoes are fried.

The effects of the pest does not cause harm to human health.

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