Backlogs In Heredia Hospital But No One Is Responsible

For the lack of personnel and poor waste management, there is a backlog of 1300 people waiting for a biopsy and therefore the Costa Rican Social Security have to pay 10 million colones in additional overtime.

A pathologist at the Hospital de Heredia filmed a video with her cell phone showing a series of irregularities that generated a backlog of biopsies at the medical center.

Disabilities and Xylol Formalin poisoning along with waste mismanagement became the formula that paralyzed for several weeks this laboratory.

The result was three officers affected by high concentrations of chemicals and a severe backlog of 1300 biopsies which will begin to be analyzed this week.

The Fund will pay overtime so that they may catch up on the biopsies.

But the strangest thing about this situation is that no one is responsible. At least that is what the director of the Hospital of Heredia explained.

This week they will bring in to the medical center, pathologist Rodrigo Alvarez, who was removed from his position as director of the National Center for Cytology.

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