Authorities Seize More Than 2000 Bags of Herbs and Beer Coming From China

An anonymous report led to the confiscation of 2029 packages of food from China.

The Fiscal Control Police, Ministry of Finance, seized the goods in a container after detecting an escape payment of taxes and also had neglected the rules on labeling.

The operation was done in a bonded warehouse in Limon. According to the Customs Import Declaration form, the container was only 665 thousand bales of various merchandise. However the tax review determined the existence of 364 additional packages had not been reported.

Furthermore, the goods concerned did not correspond to the products concerned, it was green tea, herbs, grains, beer, wine, chopsticks, filters and chorizo.

This was explained by the police chief prosecutor, Luis Alonso Bonilla.

Besides the seizure of merchandise from China, the tax police also seized 738 units of different brands of liquor and 354 units of perfumery in the South Zone who entered the country as contraband.

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