Astrologer Given Power Over Mysterious Stone Spheres

In October 2011, the astrologer Cassanya Vicente came to Palmar Sur. The astrologer hugged one of the stone spheres that are in the park and he experienced a beautiful feeling.

He was very excited and talked with the Mayor and municipal president of Osa.

There was a special connection and after a long conversation they had the idea to organize a five-day conference in October with more than 2,000 people in the world to descend upon the pre-Columbian fields of the Diquís Valley. This was the mystical vision Cassanya received.

The Municipal Council agreed on March 20 in ruling #297-2012, to name Cassanya “ambassador” of the southern canton and chief executive of something that he labelled “Project Areas” based on the archaeological heritage.

Archaeologists from the National Museum, reticent to approach astrology, and enigmatic of this project, activated the alert and warned that they alone have the responsibility to monitor the areas.

The director, Christian Kandler said who are worried that the national archaeological heritage is affected by the visit of hundreds of people eager to see, touch and feel and organize events around spheres placed at the site of Finca 6 (owned by the Museum ) or in public places such as the Municipality of Osa, the College of Palmar or which Cassanya hugged in October.

“We as scientists and government institution can not validate an unorthodox view , including theories of an extraterrestrial origin, related to Atlantis and other stuff of fantasy or mystery,” said Mauricio Corrales, of the Museum.

They question the formality of the event and now monitor the project website and its profile on social networks, deployment of public relations and international and local press focused on attracting the most visitors to the congress from 15 to 20 October in Osa.

In the south, there is also reticence among some groups, such as the Development Association of Rey Curre, Boruca Indian territory. “There is great indignation.

These are private companies seeking to profit and give a wrong image of our history. It is disrespectful and it hurts that the municipality let this into the wrong hands, “lamented Hugo Lazarus, president of that organization.

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