Aresep says that gasoline does not have dangerous additives

Drivers can go to fill the fuel tanks of their vehicles, according to the Aresep, gasoline is no longer contaminated with additives harmful to people and cars.

According to the Regulatory Authority for Public Services (Aresep), analyzes conducted in October revealed that “the presence of manganese-MMT in Recope campuses, is virtually nil, made eight samples and two were with minimal amounts of the additive “.

The amounts found are around less than 1.7 mg per liter, the recommendation of the manufacturer indicates that it should be between 8 mg / L and 18 mg / L.

The Regulatory Authority said that only premium gasoline in Moin (Lemon) and plus (previously scheduled) in La Garita, showed manganese concentrations, but lower than 0.4 mg / L.

The Aresep warned in July, the presence of MMT in gasoline Recope matters. When detected at concentrations above 20 mg / L, measures were implemented due to potential damage to vehicles, the health of people and the environment.

Even at that time vehicle damage led to the filing of 116 complaints to the Aresep affected by potential. According to experts, in the car increases fuel consumption and damaged plugs.