Approved In Haste, New Traffic Fines Take Hold

traffic fines

Two nights ago the deputies approved suddenly, the new traffic law with fines of almost half of the amounts that have been annulled by the Constitutional Court.

With 37 votes in favor and two against lawmakers approved the new law in the first debate. But before approving it definitely will send the project to the Constitutional Court for a decision on fines.

The higher economic sanction is of ¢ 280,000 and will apply to people who drive over 120 miles per hour, with expired or suspended license and for anyone who make overtaking improperly. Also for anyone who invaded the opposite lane and anyone who turns in “U”.

With ¢ 189,000, it will penalize who bring their children without proper chair, not respect a “stop” or a traffic light, or alter the license plate, according to statements issued last night.

The alcohol limit was differentiated for those working as drivers and people who do not. In the first case, the punishment is ¢ 280,000 from 0.2 grams of alcohol per liter of blood or even three years in prison if over 0.5.

With these sanctions, the legislators seek to prevent the growth of traffic accidents and road deaths, because the indices have increased since the Constitutional Court objected to the application of various fines set in the law of 2008, according to the Road Safety Council (COSEVI).

While in 2011 there were 53,511 accidents in just the first quarter of 2012 counted 25,408, according to the official report. The deaths last year were 289 and 160 are registered today.

COSEVI director, Silvia Bolaños said on Monday that one of the reasons for the increase of incidents is the cancellation of several fines by the Sala IV.

The COSEVI also requires money from these penalties to finance its operation.

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