Another Judge Sets Drug Traffickers Free

A new (recent graduate) judge gave freedom to ten men suspected of drug trafficking in the Southern Zone.

The arrests occurred Thursday after nine raids conducted by the Drug Control Police (PCD) in Alajuelita, Barrio Cuba, Sagrada Familia and Golfito.

In total they captured 10 people suspected of forming a structure that trafficked compacted marijuana. But on Friday all detainees were released.

The decision was made by Judge Jeffrey Mora Sanchez, who apparently has just two weeks being a judge after being appointed to that position and had never previously held a position in court.

According to reports the judge imposed a precautionary measure making the ten defendants sign every 15 days.

Telenoticias wanted to know the judge’s version but as it was a weekend calls went unanswered.

Among those released is an officer of a hospital in Golfito and a man selling drugs outside of a popular school in San Jose

According to information obtained by the PCD (OIJ division of drugs) the group presumably trafficked the compressed Jamaican marijuana.

Supposedly the leader is a man of surnames, Porras Acevedo known as “Baby” and other names Corrales Espinoza, known as “Chombo” both now free.

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