Anesthesiologists Catch-Up on Backlog After Strike

After the strike of anesthesiologists, doctors say they are close to completing all surgeries suspended during the protest.

About 2,000 surgeries were suspended but doctors agreed to reschedule them within six months.

The Medical Association says nearly 80% of the surgeries have been performed.

“Right now the biggest regional hospitals have contributed data in which 80% of the cases have been completed.” said Alex Castillo, president of the College of Physicians.

In the Calderon Guardia Hospital they had 285 pending surgeries, today there have been 228 of them performed.

In other health areas there are equally positive results — the San Juan de Dios Hospital performed all surgeries and in the case of the National Children’s Hospital of the 191 outstanding, they have performed 102.

Despite this, the Social Security Fund (CCSS) is not fulfilling its part of the agreement and it is upsetting to doctors.

Ricardo Diaz, the Association of Anesthetists said, the (CCSS) has not fulfilled what they signed.

Physicians are kept waiting for a solution by the authorities.

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