American found dead in ravine in Guanacaste

The American Seanne Cameron O’Donnell, 39 years old, was found dead in a ravine in Potrero Santa Cruz, Guanacaste.

The body was found by his father, John O’Donnell, who is also American.

The discovery was made on Friday at about 4:45 p. m. a mile from the cemetery of that town.

The victim was in a ravine about 10 meters deep. Apparently he was in an advanced state of decomposition.

According to the information that the father gave to authorities, Seanne O’Donnell had been missing since Wednesday.

Gerardo Nunez, Flamingo Tourist Police, said that the father came to the police station Friday and said he had found his son dead.

“He said on Wednesday at noon, the father left the house that they rent in Potrero and his son was not in the house, but in the afternoon, when he returned he was gone. He said he thought his son had taken the dog for a walk but never returned, “Nunez recalled.

The officer also explained that the father did not notify the authorities about the disappearance of his son.

“Apparently, they have some business here, so frequently visit our country. The man said that when he disappeared he sought him on his own account, “said the policeman.

The authorities indicated that, by the state in which the body was not able to see if he had blows or wounds.

However, they felt that was more than 48 hours late.

Judicial officers moved the body to the morgue, the autopsy revealed the cause of his death, authorities said.

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