American Couple Killed in Tragic Car Accident

A couple of Americans identified as Oliver Benton Stearns and his wife Deana Kay Stearns were victims of a fatal accident in Miramar de Puntarenas. The 69 year old man’s car collided with a truck.

The accident happened yesterday at 11:00 am. The couple had only been in Costa Rica for five hours before the accident occurred. They came from the U.S.

The couple arrived at the International Airport Juan Santamaria in Alajuela at about 7 am, from there departed for the Pacific in order to enjoy and have fun on a farm they had bought a few days prior in Alto Tajo de Miramar in Puntarenas.

Along the way, they ate a few things in order to regain strength after their flight.

Apparently, the heat was unbearable and his tired state took hold of Oliver Benton, who was driving the Hyundai Galloper II automotive Exceed, plate 708048.

Benton lost control of his vehicle and collided with a truck behind the company Demasa, which was parked outside the Super Los Almendros in Miramar. The collision was so strong that the car was under the truck.

Locals tried to free the injured. The rescuers and firefighters used hydraulic equipment area to get to patients, but unfortunately the elderly had no vital signs and was pronounced dead, the paramedics said Luis Carlos Amui.

“The beating took them mainly in the head, there was nothing to do, she was sentin stable condition at the Medical Center area,” the paramedics said.

Geovany Quesada, traffic officer, said that the causes of the accident are under investigation, but does not rule out that a human factor responsible for the fact of death.

“There are several hypotheses of the mortal accident, although it was very cumbersome it is presumed that fatigue affected the driver”, he said.

Agents of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) were responsible for the removal of the body and transported them to the Forensic Sciences Complex, located in San Joaquin de Flores.

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