All flights between Costa Rica and New York are suspended for Hurricane Sandy

Flights between Costa Rica and New York were suspended until Wednesday, by the arrival of Hurricane Sandy disaster that threatens to cause the amount of rain and strong winds.

This was confirmed, Jorge Fernández Chacón, director of Civil Aviation.

“We have suspended direct flights of Avianca Taca (660) and a United (1079). The cancellation would be until Wednesday depending on weather conditions, “Fernandez said in an interview with 90.7 DNA.

Fernandez said about 1,500 are affected. One is Esteban Arias, a member of a group of eight Ticos who are right now in New York , for the cancellation of flights.

This group was to fly from New York to Houston, then to Costa Rica, but the weather did not allow it.

Arias noted that right now it is raining significantly and very strong winds in that state.

“We are a team of eight ticos we come to a jiu-jitsu tournament in New York but we can not travel. We are at a friend’s house waiting for everything to end and able to travel. We have no way to go anywhere because all the trains are not working, “said Arias.

The problem, according to this tico, is that flights are rescheduled for up to eight days.

“Supposedly we can fly until Wednesday, but the amount of people flying rescheduled until Nov. 6. Phone lines are saturated for airlines, we are planning to rent a car and go overland to Houston or Chicago to fly, but many hours of travel, “said Arias.

According to Costa Rican is the expectation that the hurricane reached the U.S. tonight.

It is expected that in the coming hours much of the eastern United States is faced with the arrival of Hurricane Sandy strengthened.