Agro-Producers in Guanacaste suffer millions in losses agressive rainy season

Despite last week’s floods, this has been an unusual rainy season in the province of Guanacaste.

Many producers already suffering millions in losses and others are completely broken, due to lack of rains.

The most worrying is that this could be only the anteroom of a crisis of major dimensions.

The heavy rains of last week caused flooding in parts of Guanacaste, but the rain now does not mean it rained months ago.

Most of October, the rain has been scarce and inconsistent.

The responsible for this drought is an old acquaintance: the phenomenon of the child.

In Costa Rica, as in the rest of Central America, rainfall is caused in large part by the call intertropical convergence zone, a group of low-pressure systems, which during the rainy season is located practically on the country.

When El Niño affects us, the cloud band moves to the south and experienced rainfall deficits.

Don Alvaro Quesada has a farm of 24 acres at the entrance to Playas del Coco, in the Canton of Carrillo.

Like the vast majority of producers Guanacastecans, already beginning to feel the effects of the lack of rain.

In Bagaces, this other producer in a similar situation. His farm, where he grows grass for sale, also suffers from the deficiency in rainfall.

The concern of the producers, is shared with experts and officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG), especially because the dry season that will come will be long and intense.

Lack of rain is noticed in places like the diverter Dengo Benavides Miguel,known as “The dam cupcake” in Cañas.

At this point, receives water that Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE)sent from the reservoir sands, which are then distributed by the national irrigationsystem through these channels, to 27,000 hectares cultivated and livestock.