After Suspended For 27 Months, CCSS Fires The Manager Of Pensiones

pensiones manager

After 27 months of being suspended from the charge, this past Thursday the then manager of Pensiones from CCSS, Miguel Pacheco Ramírez, was fired without employer liability by an agreement from the Directors of the institution.

He was found responsible of not presenting the budget of 2010 for the Pensiones Management, which controls, the biggest retirement scheme – Invalidez, Vejez y Muerte (IVM), in which every month 1.2 millions of workers are listed.

Pacheco, who was out of the Management since December 2010, because of various investigations against him, had been suspended while still getting his monthly pay check of 3.6 million colones, it stayed that way until the decision was taken five days ago, confirmed the executive president of Caja, Ileana Balmaceda.

The 27 months that the entity took to decide about the future of Pacheco were caused by the filed appellations towards the Directive group.

In this past months the ex-manager was doing “administrative labors” in the Centro de Desarrollo Estratégico e Información en Salud y Seguridad Social (cendeisss) to “make good use” of the paycheck that was being given to him, that was informed by the authority members of the entity.

Yesterday Pacheco was called to his cell-phone to ask him for his opinion on the decision from the Directive group, but in the conversation he insisted that he didn’t know anything about his dismissal, and because of that he wasn’t going to refer to the matter.

A few minutes earlier, Balmaceda confirmed that Pacheco, of 63 years of age, already knew about his departure from CCSS.

Against him there are some remaining investigations opened, for implementing a plan to improve the management of Pensiones without having with feasibility studies; he is also being investigated for buying equipment and the raise in the staff memberships in Management by 338 job positions in 2 years, none of this helped in any way the improvement of attention and paperwork of Pensiones.
Miguel Pacheco got to the management in May 2008, when the executive presidency of CCSS was assumed by Eduardo Doryan Garrón, who was hired by the then president of the republic, Óscar Arias Sánchez.

Doryan continued in Caja until July 2011 – under the administration from Chinchilla Miranda-, when the financial crisis was just starting to show inside CCSS.

Balmaceda explained yesterday that the directive group hasn’t yet decided who will be the next manager of Pensiones.

At this moment, José Luis Martínez is taking care of the job, who “has done a good work”, said Balmaceda.

He said that this Thursday the decision will be made and there will be a new manager.

He didn’t deny that there’s a possibility that a public contest will be made, just like last year it was done to help the other managements of the institution.
In fact due to the suspension, Pacheco was the only manager that in the past, Caja couldn’t ask for his resignation, just like it did with the other four.

Pacheco’s separation with this institution, said Balmaceda, starts from yesterday. He, now ex-manager, has 5 days to request reconsideration from the Directive group.

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