Aboriginal Day In Costa Rica

According to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) the Aboriginal meaning is: native soil in which they live is so celebrated Aboriginal Day as a tribute to those who first inhabited our lands, to cultivate the land our first cultural essences before the arrival of the colonizers.

With the arrival of settlers marked the history of America. The “natives” were orphaned of their own culture, which took away the freedom, affecting their religious beliefs, social structure and economic policy. The few who survived the flogging of the conquerors fled to the jungle and distant lands, that is where we find them today.

Now living in remote areas called reservations, in very humble locations and in poverty.Innocence has been stolen but they still struggle with courage to defend their ideologies created over the years, spilling blood into the land, only to be “Indians.”

Years have passed and only remember them in their day with their faces painted the heirs of the time. They have been forced to become warriors, fighting to regain their identity.

We mention some of the many legacies that have left our aboriginals, including products such as beans, corn, pejibayes, avocados, tomatoes, squash, chayote,snuff, cassava, yams, cocoa, cotton, animals such as turkey, tie in woven baskets and . Tortillas, hammocks, hammock bridges, roads routes running from one side to another country and who are former native trails, the use of some herbs, smoking pipes and cigars, the tradition of each family with their housing, and most salvageable and important work on earth.

Many of us forget the figure of Garabito, an Indian chief (cacique) who fought against the colonization of Costa Rica by the Spanish. This chief fought until the day of his death by the release of Aboriginal people.

Time passes and thus the story goes and goes. Our culture is one of the most sacred treasures, so it would be good as what we identify in a population as globalized as today.

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