A Tsunami of Plastic Built Every 15 Minutes in Costa Rica

An artificial wave is located at the beginning of 10th Avenue in San Jose. Probably you may have contributed to the design of this plastic tsunami. The architect Francesco Bracchi lifted it with empty plastic bottles that are used to sell containers of soda.

Recycling campaigns to protect the environment have been successful, but unfortunately, they become insufficient. For example Costa Rica is a country with high pollution from plastic.

Each year we import 19 000 metric tons of polyethylene, the raw material for making plastics. Data from the Ocean Conservancy organization, indicated that the country threw 52,211 kilos of garbage into the sea in 2011.

If we transform trash into waves that are 130 per day.

According Preserve Planet and Plastic Pollution Coalition organization, what they want with this wave is to call attention to the public to work more, but also for industry and commerce do their collaboration.

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