A total of 25 female Costa Ricans are pregnant and have cancer at the same time.

Each year in the world, one in 3,000 pregnant women develop some cancers, according to estimates by international associations of gynecology and oncology.

Costa Rica is no exception. Calculations of Gynecologic Oncology Association of Costa Rica indicate that, each year, about 25 Costa Ricans live simultaneously pregnancy and tumor development. “It’s very hard situation because joins the health of the mother, of one or more babies and women’s emotional situation,” said the specialist in gynecologic oncology Danilo Medina, president of the Association.

In these stages of life a tumor is even more dangerous because it develops more quickly than a woman advances do not wait a son.

“Immunologically, the woman stops ‘protect’ herself, to give the baby everything necessary so a tumor develops at this stage much faster,” said Medina.

This topic will be discussed by health professionals this week at the National Congress of Gynecologic Oncology, at the San Jose Palacio.

Cancer in pregnancy also involves obstetricians, hematologists, neonatologists, pain specialists, psychologists and psychiatrists, social workers and reconstructive surgeons, “said the expert.

Treatment options depend on the type of cancer, and how advanced the time of pregnancy is diagnosed.

The most common tumors in this stage are breast, cervical, ovarian, leukemia, lymphoma, and melanoma (skin cancer very aggressive). Moreover, cancer is intrinsic to pregnancy: the placenta.

Medina explained that a woman with breast cancer has more chance of waiting and then have a treatment that will not harm the fetus both. However, if the cancer is cervical or ovarian radiation would harm the baby.

“We have to speak directly to the woman and explain how the situation of her health and the baby or babies. She is the one who makes the decision because she has the right to make decisions about health and that of her baby. My experience is that 80% of women choose for the baby, “he said.

Experts recommend a woman to have a medical examination before getting pregnant to know what risk factors and early detection has an injury.