A shootout in front of the Max Peralta Hospital, damaged building and cause wide panic

A shooting occurred in front of the Emergency Service Max Peralta Hospital in Cartago, caused damage to the building and panic among patients. The incident occurred when two individuals were faced with bullets outside the medical center with two men walking down the street.

The incident occurred yesterday at 11 a. m. and, at that time two of the subjects took refuge at the Max Peralta, but one of them responded with bullets against the aggressors and the other escaped.

At least 40 people were inside the emergency room panicked and ran into the street.

Amid the shootout, a window of the hospital was destroyed. However, there were no injuries.

Wedell Rivas, hospital security chief, recalled that activated all security mechanisms of the medical center.

The Emergency Service was suspended for an hour, but Krissia Diaz, director of the medical center, said the patient care was reactivated after the situation was brought under control.

Ivan Guzman Forces officer, said that the shootout put in danger the lives of patients in the Max Peralta.

Authorities identified two of the individuals with the surname Acuña. Both are brothers and live a few meters of the hospital, where they have a store and liquor.

The other two subjects were identified with surnames Rodriguez and to Ugalde. The latter is also a resident of the area.

Municipal Police Officers of Cartago and the security forces captured to Ugalde and Acuña. For Rodriguez, the authorities began an operation to locate him.

Agents of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ), confiscated two firearms involved, and both were in order.

The case was in the hands of the OIJ and the Prosecutor, processed to determine whether the four involved in the shooting.