A great march brought together hundreds of people in front of the CCSS


With songs, banners and slogans against the government, hundreds of university students, labor groups and workers arrived this morning to protest against the building of the Social Security Fund (CCSS).

Two groups of people walked under a cloudy sky from 9 a. m. . One group left to the University of Costa Rica and the other of the church of La Merced.

At 11:30 a. m. the groups joined in front of the main building of the CCSS.

The purpose is to raise their voices in defense of Costa Rica’s social security and no criminalization of protests. The call came after the violent events that erupted last week between police and protesters in the same place.

During the march, a group of deputies of the Citizen Action Party, delivered white roses to the body of female officers guarding the site.

The Deputy Minister of Interior and Police, Marcela Chacon, was appointed by the Government as an interlocutor and said that everything took place in a normal and peaceful.

Chacon said that about 150 women police were in pairs along the avenue and there were no reports of any incidents.

The social movement gave the government a document with ten specific requests. Within the Decalogue asked to delete the figure of the chief executive of the Social Security Fund (CCSS) and convene a national roundtable dialogue on Social Security.

Protesters hope the Government will provide them a response to their concerns, within ten days.

Around 2 p. m. protesters and university students returned to the UCR campus in San Pedro de Montes de Oca, normally.

Among those attending the march were the deputies; Carmen Granados, Claudio Monge and Juan Carlos Mendoza, all the Citizen Action Party (PAC) and Rep. José María Villalta Broad Front party.

Also the inhabitants exdefensora Lisbeth Quesada and General excontralor Alex Solis.