A Certified Doctor With CCSS Travelled To Panama To Transport Cocaine

A medical doctor who worked in the CCSS Ebais of La Cuesta, in Corredores , in the south of the country and Ciudad Neily hospital was arrested yesterday by the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ), along with 24 other persons. The authorities assume that the doctor, surnamed Ramirez, belongs to a group that was responsible for selling cocaine and marijuana in several provinces.

The officers arrested Ramirez at his home in the border town of Paso Canoas, Corridors of Puntarenas.

On 17 June, the OIJ judicial officers gave the first blow to the band, with the arrest of the leader, named Martinez.

At the time of arrest, Martinez was traveling in a car with a couple and carrying eight kilos of cocaine.

The authorities explained that the doctor gave them the drugs brought from Panama to other people who took care of selling it.

Among the people arrested was a woman surnamed Melendez, whom police considered the deputy leader of the band.

Also arrested was a man named Chavarria of Puntarenas, who tried to resist arrest by removing a large caliber weapon.

Jorge Rojas, director of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ), confirmed at a press conference that Ramirez brought the cocaine overland from Panama and kept in a house near the border.

Then, provided the drugs to dealers and distributors already had their vendors.

The raids were made in the center of Puntarenas, in Jicaral, Lepanto, Paquera, Cóbano and Paso Canoas.

The suspects, the Judicial Police were confiscated several firearms, including an AK47, shotguns, pistols and carbines.

Rojas said of the 25 individuals arrested, only two had no criminal record.

“There are 23 with a history of drug sales,” he added.

The suspects were taken by boat to Puntarenas, where they were questioned yesterday afternoon.

The chief of OIJ acknowledged the lack of police surveillance in the border south.

“We definitely know that this is a strength of income and that controls are not sufficient for how many steps through which drug enters” he said.

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