A Car Carrying 7KG of Drugs Collides While Fleeing Police

A foreigner and a Costa Rican woman, had seven kilos of marijuana in a car that collided with another vehicle while trying to flee from the police.

The collision occurred yesterday at about 10:30 a. m. about 400 meters from the junction of La Suiza de Turrialba, Cartago.

The officers of the security forces were conducting a revision of operating cars in front of the Firestone.

Apparently, when the occupants (a Jamaican named Owens and national named Gibb) observed the officers, they started to flee. They traveled in a car Toyota Corolla.

Police immediately began a persecution, but few meters after the car collided.

Francisco Mendez, officer of the Transit Police, explained That, Product of the leak, the car advanced to two vehicles on a curve and crashed into an oncoming truck load, “explained

Nils Ching, director of the police force in Cartago, reported that after the accident, Owens got off the car and ran through a field of banana and coffee, but was caught by officers.

Meanwhile, the woman was pressed into the car and was freed by rescue workers.

Ching also reported that, when reviewing the car, the judicial officers found seven kilos of marijuana compressed.

In addition, they found a nine millimeter gun.

Meanwhile, the driver of the truck, Ronald Vargas, was impressed with the situation. “I Just felt the blow. I was going to bring bananas to Siquirres. I had no time to react on the curve, “said the conductor.

After releasing the woman from the car, she was taken to hospital, William Allen in Turrialba.

The woman had a broken femur and some injuries in her arms and face, according to a report by the Red Cross.

The foreigner, who was driving the car, was injured in the chest and face. He was also taken to that hospital.

The Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) seized drugs.

The police said they would give custody to the suspects as they were kept in the hospital. Subsequently, as reported, they would be transferred to the Public Ministry.

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