80% of National Coffee is Sold in Distinguished Markets


The national strategy of producing coffee of high quality currently allows 80% of production to be sold in markets distinguished.

Official figures from the Coffee Institute of Costa Rica (Icafe) establish it. The determine also that the grain positioned with these characteristics have a value of $25 per quintal (46 kilos) above the contributions of the New York Mercantile Exchange, the main market.

This benefit is a product of a strategy of more than 20 years in the coffee sector which promotes grain production only of very high quality, Ronald Peters (ICAFE Senior Director) recalled.

The Costa Rican plan includes mechanisms to recognize characteristics of their grain, including participation in international exhibitions and competitions to determine coffee quality, internationally certified, as the Cup of Excellence.

Within these mechanisms include participating in a fair in Korea. The objective is to open the national grain market, because it is a country where there is high demand for of very high quality grain and pay good prices, Peters argued.

Costa Rica currently produces a little over two million ground in coffee fruit(corresponding to the same number of bags of 46 kilos in grain benefited).

Of that total, about 1.8 million quintals are exported to different destinations. The rest is sold for internal consumption.

The destination of 56% of exports to the U.S.. The second is Belgium with 11%, according to the Icafé.

Roasters of United States, Europe, Japan and other sources arrive with increasing frequency to visit the coffee producers. They inspect the property and buy in advance the harvest of specific lots.

That coffee fame, has earned through promotional programs such as Cup of Excellence competition, which ended the 2012 competition last week.

After the qualification certified by international experts, a lot of coffee presented by the Brumas of Zurquí microbeneficio was crowned the best of Costa Rica this year.

Juan Ramon Alvarado Rodriguez, owner of microbeneficio family, noted that to achieve excellence in quality that should be guarded all the steps.

That means special vigilance and practices since the start with the seed, you get the nursery, planting is carried, harvested crop is pulped, dried and roasted.

The variety of coffee grown, climate, soils and where the farm level are other factors that determine the flavor and quality finish.

Whenever producers add more conditions. Now, for example, is introduced gradually determination in the laboratory grade sugar (Brix) of the grain, to assess its quality. This is more common in the wine, but gradually used in coffee.

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